Postpartum Care Kit

This may not seem like the most pleasant of posts but let me tell you it is a life saver! After limping through trial and error style after my first baby’s arrival I took notes on what all worked (and so did not) and decided to assemble a postpartum care kit for myself the second time around. I have also gifted these, discreetly, to first time moms along with pointers on what items to bring home from the hospital. Nobody talks about how to care for your body After baby! Why is that? I think it is equally important to all of the care put in leading up to the wee one’s arrival.


Postpartum Care

Items to purchase:

Pads – Overnight length in varying levels of absorbency and don’t forget some thinner ones for once bleeding slows down but you still need coverage.

Witch Hazel Wipes – These wonderful things now come in travel wipes! I can not begin to tell you my level of excitement when I discovered that in the Target aisle. Well, the poor associate can because I simply could not contain myself. These also (and previously only) come in a screw top jar with individual little circle wipes inside.

Dermoplast Pain Relieving Antibacterial Spray – (not pictured) This spray numbs the area while having the adding feature of being antibacterial. This is especially helpful if you have stitches from a tear or episiotomy.

Chux Pads / Disposable Underpads – (not pictured) Laying a chux down can be an additional layer of protection for blood leakage or place it higher up for milk leakage. Either way it will help save your sheets. I also placed one on the seat of my glider for good measure. You should also be able to bring a few home from the hospital in case this item doesn’t make it home before baby.


Items to Bring Home from Hospital:

Peri (Perineal) Bottle РThis will be very helpful for restroom trips for the first week or two especially. Remember, warm water!

Mesh panties – Because you don’t care what happens to them and they are super stretchy and light. Free is nice too.

Chux Pads – You should be able to bring a few of these blue buddies home to help protect your bed, nursing chair, wherever you sit. Once again, especially for that crucial first week or so.

Ice Pack – If you have a wonderful nurse that makes you an Ice Pack Pad thingy (I know, very technical term) it is a nice little treat to pull out of the freezer when things feel swollen and sore.


Postpartum Care Kit Setup:

I like having an assortment of the items (pads, spray, wipes, an extra panty) in a basket or shower caddy type container either next to the toilet on the ground or on the bathroom counter next to the sink.

Keep the lid off of your peri bottle between uses and empty so that you can just run the sink for warm water and fill. One time I sleepily grabbed the peri bottle without switching out the water from my previous bathroom trip and was shocked awake with cold water. That was all it took, one time. Warm is so much more inviting.


Hopefully this information is helpful to somebody else preparing for baby or sparks an excellent gift to an expecting first time mom. I know these items have been a life saver and I’m thankful to know what to prepare for now.