About Me


Hello, my name is Sarah and I am 31 years old. I have been married to my wonderful husband for over 13 years and we have two adorable little girls. We transplanted from California (San Diego area) to Texas about four years ago and are now raising our family along with our two dogs, Layla and Dartanian, near Austin. As a stay at home mom every day life can be a little hectic at times but we sure do love our Texas home and surroundings.

At the age of 29 I officially entered into the world of surro sisters when I gave birth to a little baby boy and placed him into the arms of his adoring mother. It was the most amazing experience and I look forward to helping others grow their families in the future.

I am the oldest of seven children. Yes, we are all full siblings. No, we are not Catholic or Mormon. Those are the questions I receive the most, so now I tend to answer those before there is even an opportunity to ask.

At the age of 15 I had my first apprenticeship, which led to my first job as soon as I was 16, working in a leather shop. What an awesome first job for a horse gal! Under the guide of my boss I even handmade my own saddle. And that saddle got put to good use for several years riding my Egyptian Arabian Mare.

Speaking of animals, they have been and most likely always will be a large part of my life. I have owned, rescued, placed, and worked with a wide variety of animals from fish to horses and most anything in between. There are few animals I don’t like, except coyotes and fire ants, I could do without either of those.

Two of my favorite hobbies are creating (knit, crochet, crafting, etc.) and reading. I haven’t had as much time to do the latter as I have been knitting and crocheting my fingers into a blur lately to fill orders but I do enjoy a good book. I love to cook and tackle organization projects but also like to get in the dirt and wrestle my dogs. Two words come to mind when attempting to describe myself, domestic tomboy.



One thought on “About Me

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