Single Digits – Oh My!


Tomorrow marks 32 weeks (8 months) pregnant. We officially have single digit weeks remaining. Most of my tops have turned into Winnie the Pooh style tops at this point. There has been some creative layering to help combat that but the weather is all over the place which adds to the puzzle. Thankfully, when the temperatures do dip I still have one hoodie sweatshirt that covers, unlike this jacket…20171108_175625[1]

We have graduated to OB appointments every 2 weeks until I reach 36 weeks, then we’ll bump up again to weekly appointments. In addition to the OB Prenatal visits we are doing growth scans every 4 weeks, which means the next appointment will be ultrasound and OB. So far “Ziggy” is measuring big and tall. There is approximately 15% error when estimating baby’s weight through ultrasound measurements, so it’ll be very interesting to see how close their numbers end up being. My guess is that he’ll skip newborn clothes and take the title of biggest baby I have birthed.


My main focus recently has been to wrap up several responsibilities and to-do’s by the end of this month. That way, the month of December and the end of the pregnancy can be as relaxing as possible with plenty of room for rest, because I’m terrible at R&R.

Speaking of rest… sleep-meme-212x200

From here on out my “sleep” is more like a series of naps broken up by grunting my mass into a new position or yet another trip to the bathroom. It is a natural way to get your body accustomed to running on little sleep before baby arrives. I may have said it before, but it sure would be nice to push a bypass button when you’re a surrogate.

And now my brain refuses to cooperate so here are some bump pics!