It’s a…

BABY! Yay!

Who is very proud of his anatomy. Did you catch that? Yup, Amy and Al are very excited to be expecting a baby boy.

We had a wonderful tech at Austin Maternal Fetal Medicine that conducted our very in depth anatomy scan and fetal echo ultrasound. Normally the gender reveal happens after all of the images and measurements are taken, but… Baby boy had everything proudly displayed about 10 minutes into the scan. And continued to give us multiple angles through out the appointment. He left no room for doubt, ha! But he made us work for the rest of the images with lots of belly jiggles and shifting me into new positions. I will have to return in three weeks to get additional images of his heart because his spine and rib cage were casting shadows, but I was prepared for a return visit.

When I had to roll over to my side for a better image, I really wish I had my phone handy for a candid shot of Amy and Al. They were rapt in awe watching the monitor as different aspects of their precious baby came into view. I turned my attention back to the screen, partially out of curiosity, but also out of respect because I felt like I was watching a very private moment.

Dr. DeStefano came in at the end of the apointment to review everything. She confirmed that baby boy looks great and is right on track. Such great news!

We had lunch with my husband between appointments at a local favorite, Jack Allen’s Kitchen. Who would have thought that laying on a table for over an hour would work up an appetite?!

Last up on our epic agenda was a tour of the Women’s Centre where I plan to deliver. Wow! It is such a nice facility! I look forward to getting to experience everything there come January. 😊

Having accomplished the appointments today seemed to really put us all in a reality of “this is really happening!” We discussed several details about January and set more in motion to be tackled in the near future. What a wonderful day ❤


4 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. Hi, I am an intended mom with a wonderful, generous, organized surrogate, like you. We are 11 weeks pregnant and your blog has been a great find. Please keep it up! I find it so interesting and sweet how you relate to your intended parents. We are like that (our surrogate and Us) and it’s nice to read your experiences with this, as well as your husbands thoughts. He sounds like a wonderful man! What you are doing is just super-cool and the way you are doing it is inspiring. Thanks for your courage and openness. God bless you!


    • Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m glad to hear that my blog is helping you along your journey. Congratulations on your pending arrival!


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