First OB Appointment

Tuesday was a packed day! I started off with another weekly blood draw. Thankfully I got my favorite phlebotomist (it’s a little funny that I have a favorite)! Hopefully I should only have one or two more weeks of that.

Later in the afternoon was my first OB appointment at Oakwood Women’s Centre-Seton Williamson with Dr. Rebecca Teng. This is my first time having a female OB/GYN so I’m interested to see if there are any differences. The appointment started off with another book of paperwork, for several of the questions I had to write “Gestational Surrogate” next to them without an answer. Standard with most prenatal appointments is leaving a urine sample at the beginning. I’ll just have to remind myself to wait until I get to my appointments instead of before I leave the house.

Dr. Teng had me go in for a super quick ultrasound to check the heart beat as Doppler can be hit or miss at 10 weeks. Baby was wiggling all over the place but we were able to get the strong heart beat of 169 bpm. We tried to get a couple of pictures too but that proved to be a little more tricky.20170620_130505[1]20170620_130518[1]

There were a few chunks of waiting but I tend to forget all of the things covered during a first OB visit so it didn’t bother me too much. The nurse took me back to get my vitals and to fill in my medical history. Dr. Teng gave me a physical exam then had a lengthy discussion with me about some of the things to expect, some questions for me to relay to Amy and Al, and to discuss her maternity leave (she’s 35 weeks pregnant). One of the things I had expected due to my PCOS, is that she will have me do an early glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes and then I will repeat it again at the normal time (24-28 weeks). Thankfully, I haven’t had it yet, but I do know other moms without PCOS that had three healthy pregnancies only to have a forth or fifth pregnancy with GD. We will see what the Lord sees fit to hand me this time.

Not too long after finishing the OB appointment, my blood results came back along with Dr. Vaughn’s orders for the next week. My Progesterone was 28 and Estradiol was 1,082, which are excellent numbers! Today was my last dose of Estradiol and Saturday I start to decrease my PIO injections from 1cc to .75cc. I have definitely reached the point that I am greatly looking forward to my last intramuscular injection! With the two failed cycles I’ve had quite a lot more injections this time around than I did last time and I’m running out of non-tender real estate. Hopefully next week after my blood draw I will know when that magical final injection will be.


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