What was I doing?

Oh! I was going to write a blog post, right.

That’s right, I’m in the throws of the first trimester. For me that means exhaustion felt all the way deep down in my bones, All the smells, and I eat like a toddler. How does a toddler eat? One second bananas are their favorite and that’s all they want so you go buy two bunches only to come home to a fit throwing child that now HATES bananas. There is no rhyme or reason. And there is no warning. I can sit down to a meal that sounds good but one bite turns the tongue curling yuck vibes on. Since I’m an adult, I try one more bite to be sure. Yup, still tastes like a clod of dirt my dog brought in, run away! This fun phenomenon is called food aversion. The things that do consistently taste good at the moment include anything sour, but especially: old fashioned lemonade, bread, a real fresh from the grill cheeseburger, nachos Loaded with jalapenos, medium dairy queen hot fudge sundae with all the toppings, pickles, topo chico (“bubble water”), and peanut butter. Other things trickle on and off the menu too so I’m still getting my nutrients but some days I take the bagel with cream cheese because absolutely nothing else sounds appetizing. I fully embrace each and every change though because they all point toward a healthy start to the pregnancy and continued growth.

My current surrogacy related routine consists of taking a handful of pills every morning (1 estradiol, 1 giant prenatal, & 3 metformin), an intramuscular injection every evening rotating each night between left and right upper outer quadrants, 2 estradiol pills every evening, and a weekly blood draw. The blood draw checks three levels to keep an eye on the growing baby: Beta-hCG, Progesterone (P4), and Estradiol. After the blood draw I send a message to “Team B”, as Amy has dubbed us, letting them know the stab session is over. Then I send an email to our amazing RE Nurse to let her know to expect the STAT results in a few hours. After the test results are in, we all receive an email from our nurse with the numbers followed up with the RE’s orders for the following week.

The last two blood test results have continued to be excellent! And it is so reassuring to watch that Beta climb and climb.

Monday, May 15 results:
HCG 7,001
Progesterone 23
Estradiol 185 (normal to fluctuate and is not a concern)

Monday, May 22 results:
HCG is 33,448
Progesterone 21
Estradiol 428

This Monday is Memorial Day in the U.S. which is a federal holiday. That means the lab will be closed so I will be going in on Tuesday instead. The next morning will be the first prenatal ultrasound at the RE’s office! We’re all pretty excited. Hopefully at close to 7 1/2 weeks we will be able to confirm a strong heart beat. I will be taking video of the ultrasound monitor to immediately share with Amy and Al, that way they can save it and watch it as many times as they want. 🙂


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