Transfer Tomorrow!

We have tackled a few bumps but are smoothly running toward the goal line of transferring one healthy and strong little embryo tomorrow morning!

On Friday, January 6th, I received my box of medications, syringes, and needles! It really makes things feel official when that box comes in. Almost like a box of treats only they all have side effects, ha! Maybe they should include treats in the box, like a couple of chocolates?


Meds arrived!

Last Wednesday I went in for a Lining Check. This is an internal ultrasound where the Reproductive Endocrinologist measures the uterine lining to ensure conditions are ideal to move forward with an embryo transfer. The goal was 7.5mm and mine measured at 10.6mm. We were cleared for the next step!


Lining Check

Thursday I went in for stat blood work to check my progesterone level. Once that result came in (0.2 ng/mL), our Nurse gave me the go ahead to start daily evening intramuscular injections of Progesterone in Oil of 50 mg/1 cc. Here is an excellent video series about Progesterone in Oil Intramuscular Injection. My husband administers mine, which is very helpful because I have a tendency to hesitate right as I stick myself and then slowly push it the rest of the way in. Definitely not preferable.

On my nightstand is where I have my injection station all set up for a week at a time. This keeps things handy for a rear “stab” and it keeps everything clean.



My injection station




On Friday all 7 of the donor eggs began the thawing process. We received an update by the end of the day that all 7 survived the thaw. Then the eggs were fertilized on Saturday and all 7 took. The good news just kept rolling in! Monday, the embryo quality report came through and we found out that there were 3 strong little fighters continuing to divide. At the point of transfer, Wednesday morning, we should have at least one 5 day blastocyst embryo.




On Monday I also received a call from the on-call nurse at Texas Fertility Center to give me my transfer instructions and times. The transfer is scheduled for 10:30 am and we will be arriving an hour early. My husband will get to accompany me on this special appointment and is looking forward to the experience as I had to travel out of state for the last one and he stayed home with our two girls.

We are all (Amy, Al, Brandon, and Me) getting very excited about tomorrow and praying for a successful transfer. As per Amy & Al’s wishes we will all find out if this little embryo decides to snuggle in after the hcG blood test results. That’s right, another transfer without home pregnancy tests (hpt), it can be done! Typically, surros (and IP’s for that matter) get a little anxious and excited to see if the embryo stuck. As a result, the hpt’s start early and often leading up to the blood test for confirmation. This can have its benefits, but it can also add significant stress.

Tomorrow will be a day of relaxing for me after I get home from the transfer. Our RE hasn’t ordered me to be on strict bed rest but definitely taking it easy. I see knitting, audible, harry potter, and Netflix in my near future.


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