I am pleased to say that we have some pretty big updates!

Over the past two months, we have:

  • Completed Legal Contract
  • My initial consult with Dr. Vaughn
  • Began a new cycle
  • My husband and I had lab work done
  • We received our calendar!
  • I started birth control

We are all very excited to have things moving closer and closer to the embryo transfer in mid-January! A big part of visualizing that was when we received the calendar. I’m a very big planner and didn’t get a calendar last time┬áso having┬áthis really makes my administrative heart go pitter patter. The calendar shows when certain medications are to begin, ultrasounds, blood tests, transfer, and so on.

Thankfully the first medication on the calendar is almost done, because I am not a fan of birth control side effects. Neither is my poor family I’m sure. It has made me cranky, short tempered, very tired, and an appetite like a rollercoaster. It has been so long since I had to take any form of birth control that I completely forgot some of the emotional side effects. But, like I said, Monday will be the last dose for that and I can wave goodbye to the tiny white pill.

Good things are happening and we are all truly blessed to be in this journey together. What could be a better Christmas present than that?