When One Door Closes…


After a slow and painful end to the match with my friend, I reached out to a contact to let them know about the change of plans. About a week later she asked if I wouldn’t mind being an educational resource to a couple dear to her that were interested in learning more about the surrogacy process and possibly going down that road. If you’ve read any of my blog posts you’ll probally guess that I said, “Of course!” because I am all for educating and helping others. A few lengthy emails and one conference call and my title started to shift from educator to potential surrogate. I am not a very emotional person, passionate, but not emotional. There were a few times during our conference call that I got goose bumps and my eyes misted up. Sparklers were going off around me and even though I was trying hard to ignore it this match was meant to be. Toward the end of the call I was asked, through a hesitantly hopeful voice, would I consider being their surrogate? I was honored and said that I would consider it, but that we both needed to ask some more questions before making that initial commitment.

A week after the conference call, this sweet couple came out (flew) to meet us in person. We all met for dinner the first night they were here then they came over to our home the following afternoon as well. Between the two visits we covered all kinds of questions from procedures, timelines, family, and general life. We enjoyed food and jokes together like we had known each other for years. What a relief! Toward the end of the visit in our home I agreed to the match and sent off an email to my lawyer to get the legal process started.

The past month has been a busy one filled with emails, legal document drafts, and appointments. My IP’s (I can say that now!) also just came back for a very productive couple of days. After looking into my suggested clinic of TFC and a clinic closer to their home in Omaha, NE they decided to go with TFC. During this trip they had appointments at TFC, Psychological clearance appointments, and more fun visits with us.

We’ve all expressed how thankful we are and how it really feels like God pulled us together at the perfect time. There is a desire for transparency, group communication, and genuine interest in each other’s lives and activities. Following along with that thought process I will be writing a post with my IP’s introduction and their story. You might just melt for them too.


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