Psychological Clearance

This journey has already been so different from my first and Psych Clearance has been no exception! As a brief recap, this is what happened last time. Yup, that’s it. One of my biggest criticisms of my previous agency was that there should be a more rigorous screening and psych clearance process. Well that is what I have experienced this time around and as time consuming as it has been I appreciate the thoroughness of it.

To begin, I received a quick call and email from Dr. Carol Pierce Davis with 8 documents (some were multiple pages) that I needed to complete over the weekend. There was even a section my husband needed to complete in his own handwriting. I had an early morning appointment for a gestational carrier screening interview with Dr. Pierce Davis during which we went over my completed documents and went into a little more detail. Then I stepped up to the computer and took the MMPI-2 Test, all 567 T/F questions.

Amy & Al also had an Intended Parents interview with Dr. Pierce Davis. Once we all had completed our separate appointments, then both couples had a Group Evaluation appointment. I had no idea what to expect out of that, which made me a little nervous. Some of the same questions I had been asked in writing and verbally were asked again, only this time with my husband by my side and my IP’s sitting nearby. What possessed you to do such a crazy thing? How did you first learn of surrogacy? What kind of relationship are you hoping to have? Do you still keep in contact with your previous IP’s?

Then, Dr. Pierce Davis turned to my husband and asked what he thought of all this? Will you be a good, attentive, healthy support to your wife while she is pregnant with this child that is not yours?

What kind of communication and level of support do you plan to have from a long distance? How do you plan to include and care for each other during this journey?

All of the answers were lovely. There may have been a few tears. But in the end, it just helped solidify for everyone that this felt right. After the appointment we went to an impromptu breakfast to squeeze in one more visit before Amy & Al fly back to Nebraska for (hopefully) a few more months.

Brandon and I are getting to enjoy watching Amy and Al’s excitement grow as more good news keeps rolling in and more boxes get checked.


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