As you may have noticed, I don’t shy away from difficult topics. It may take me a little extra time to finally write it, but it does happen. Because I truly want this blog platform to be a source of educational information. And through such information other people may have the opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

It is easier for me to give counsil to others but sometimes it take a little longer
to receive and accept my own advice.

After a lot of prayer, tears, and discussion, I came to the final decision to write a letter (via email) to my friend to break our match. Ultimately I know that I made the right decision, but boy did I ever wrestle over this. For the sake of privacy and anonymity for my friend, I will not go into the details behind that decision. But I do want everyone to know that I did not take this lightly. I am very sad that after all of this time we are having to stop the surro plans with each other, but keeping my friendship was more important to me.