Medical Clearance for Journey Two

Over the past week I found myself surrounded by the process of a Medical Clearance. There were so many familiar elements and yet it was such a different and stress free experience from almost two years ago that I found myself double checking the process more than once.

The lab work was done locally on a Friday. I set the appointment for when it worked best for my family and was able to drive by, give several vials of blood and a couple of urine samples then be on my way. That’s it? Wow, OK, I can get used to this. Then the following Tuesday mid-morning on CD 10 I went in to my local TFC office for a saline sono. I got to see the same RE that had monitored my first journey so we were able to touch base and exchange pleasantries before the brief procedure. The procedure itself went smoothly and my uterus looked “beautiful and smooth”. I will say though, I don’t remember the sensation of the saline running back down my legs during the sono… perhaps the last doctor didn’t distend the uterus as much? The RE wished me a good weekend and said he looked forward to following me on another successful gestational surrogacy.

And that was it, that was the Medical Clearance process for me this time. When compared to this it sounds like an absolute breeze and so much less expensive for the IP’s. I really appreciate the lower stress! Granted, I do have the last of the weight that I’m working on, but even with that hurdle there is so much less stress involved with this journey.

We received the group email yesterday, less than one week from the lab work, saying I am Officially Medically Cleared! They gave their blessing to move forward with Legal but understood if the IP’s would rather wait until I’ve gotten closer to the BMI goal weight before proceeding.

You can expect to be hearing from me more frequently again as well as filling in some of the gaps from my recent months with less blog activity as I continue to prepare to be a gestational carrier again.