39 Weeks and still hanging on


It looks like the lady’s prediction at In-In-Out was wrong because I am still pregnant. I wouldn’t be feeling so ready if it weren’t for all the prodromal labor on top of two young girls running circles around my feet.

Sunday I had contractions that would be every five minutes or so for at least an hour then take a two hour break. Rinse and repeat all day long. One stint was during church. Not a fun seat for that. In the early evening they kicked it up a big notch. I ended up in a hot shower with my husband’s help for about 45 minutes in a variety of positions to help alleviate the discomfort. Both my husband and I were thinking it was time but neither wanted to burst the bubble and say it out loud. With the contractions not getting any closer or stronger I decided to attempt sleeping in bed. They stayed at 5 minutes apart and lasting at least a minute long all night. I asked my husband to stay home from work so we could go for a walk. Wouldn’t you know those pesky contractions that robbed my sleep decided to stop once we got going. And they stayed gone so I released my wonderful husband to the office.

My prenatal appointment went well. My weight has stayed pretty even for a few weeks now keeping my current total gained since transfer at 17 pounds. I went ahead with another cervical check and had progressed to 1-2 cm and soft but the cervix is still long. Otherwise it was a pretty quick appointment. We were both on the same thought that surro baby boy would be here pretty soon and to keep active. And active I have been!

Wednesday night was a really rough night full of contractions that were all over the place and very little sleep. I “woke” for the day exhausted, dreading facing the day, and emotional. My husband asked if I was doing ok and I said not really while unwanted tears started to stream down my face. He decided to stay home from work and after taking care of a few things we took a nice long family walk to a restaurant for brunch. Contractions were random and taunting me.

I started to realize that if surro baby boy didn’t come close to his due date my healing time before our big trip home was going to start shrinking away. Ideally I should get at least two weeks of healing time before taking on that big of a task. Thoughts and discussion about possibly requesting induction came up. Then I found out that my parents, who were supposed to be the ones to watch my daughters, will be out of state starting this coming Monday morning for just over a week. Another complication to add to the list. So I made the call to my OB to ask about inducing before Monday. After some back and forth phone tag it was agreed that I could call to check in to L&D the day after my due date, this Thursday. Not what I was hoping for but now we have some sort of a time line. I really didn’t want another induction but that healing time is too important. All fingers crossed that these contractions amount to something this weekend because I don’t see any sleep in my near future and nearly two weeks without sleep leading into an induction would be brutal.


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