38 Weeks and Prodromal Labor


This was a long week. I had an episode of prodromal labor that lasted from early Saturday evening through early Sunday afternoon, over 18 hours. Then another episode Monday night, all night long. Thankfully I knew what it was this time and didn’t end up in the hospital both times like I did with my second pregnancy. It is hard to not become a little disappointed when the contractions finally start to spread back out and drop off. But at the same time it gives me enough relief to rest.

Thankfully IM has arrived to the area so if anything does happen she is here to meet her son immediately and not have to travel first. Another plus to the Saturday/Sunday episode is that it lit a fire under my husband to finally gather the bags for all of us and get them in the car, just in case. My breast pump also arrived this week. Things are falling into place for surro baby boy’s arrival.

At my 38 week appointment I had my first cervical check and even after all that work I’m sitting at fingertip and soft. Silly hormones really hit me with a sad disappointment that I didn’t have more to show for all that work but I know in the long run (once logic returned to my brain and stomped on those hormones a bit) my body is making preparations and it will show when it counts the most, active labor and birth.

Interestingly enough, today I was walking by a lady assisting her elderly mother and after looking at me she told her mother, “she’s going to have that baby this weekend.” I’ve never had something like that happen before. It would be wonderful but I also won’t be holding my breath either.

Tomorrow I get to meet my IM face to face for the first time. Nervous, excited, and a world of emotions between is about how I am and will be feeling all the way up to the big moment. I’ve made some gifts over the months that I will be bringing with me to the big moment. I can’t wait and I hope it goes well! Ah!


mid-contraction toward the end of the episode on Sunday


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