Thankful for Family {37 wk}


I have reached the “any day now” phase. IM arrives to the area next week so I’m taking it easy until she’s in as an added personal precaution. I’d love her to be here for her son’s birth. 🙂 Thankfully I feel pretty good physically. I just am getting more tired these days as the final days of pregnancy insomnia has hit hard and my two young girls have no concept of letting mama nap. This too shall pass though and not be a long lived phase.

Funny and embarrassing story from my OB appointment.
You never know how long you’ll be waiting in an exam room after the nurse leaves and before the doctor arrives. You also never know if your gassy pregnant bowels will let a harmless little toot fly or if it’ll require a gas mask because the level of toxic waste could be used on your worst enemy. Well, you can probably guess where this is going but I lost on both accounts. It was gas mask worthy and my wonderful doctor walked in moments after the putrid cloud had filled the small room. We both did the “ignore the fragrant elephant in the room” routine and continued on with the appointment as though we weren’t both breathing through our mouths. I was dying inside of embarrassment but laughed hysterically when recounting it to my husband who knows all too well the lethal level those clouds can reach. Silver linings people!


We had a lovely Thanksgiving lunch at my sister’s home. I was able to help with some of the meal prepping but my mom, sister, and her mother-in-law prepared the majority of the feast. It was quite the magical feet but all seven siblings were there plus a couple of new additions to the family since last year (niece and sister-in-law). I hope my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal as well reflecting on what they were thankful for.


My sister and I in the midst of final preparations for Thanksgiving


My Family (parents, siblings, niece, and spouses)


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