35 Weeks and graduating to weekly OB appointments


The belly keeps going out and surro baby boy is putting on regular shows. IP’s are excited that he may grow up to do sports with how active he has been in utero. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does happen! Especially something like soccer, he has a strong kick.

Today was a big OB appointment. I received my Tdap vaccination in my non dominant arm. The actual injection wasn’t bad, especially after all those weeks of PIO shots, but the aftermath is starting to sink in and boy is it ever sore. When things like that happen I almost wish there was a visible welt so people would understand my tender muscle woes. Today I also received a GBS (Group B Strep) test. We’ll see how that goes, I tested negative for my first two pregnancies so it would be nice to continue that trend. My wonderful OB also checked on surro baby’s positioning. He is still very head down and just above my pubic bone but not “dropped” or engaged yet which is great. All of my vitals and baby’s heart beat were great too. Hooray for good appointments! After today the rest of my appointments are weekly. When did that happen?!

I have been asked a few great questions over the past week with people realizing how close my first journey is to coming to a close, but one was worth sharing. I was asked how I feel emotionally, am I sad about parting with my womb mate? I am not excited to be over with it, but I’m not sad or worried about parting with the surro baby either. Rather, I find myself nearing the completion of a big goal and the satisfaction of reaching that goal. Hopefully that makes sense.


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