Questions for IP’s regarding Birth, Hospital, and Postpartum

In an effort to help other Surrogates (and IP’s) I have decided to post my entire list of questions with answers that I went over during my (long anticipated) conference call. Each journey is unique and there may be questions in here that wouldn’t be applicable or you may need to add some questions/details. Either way, I hope this is a helpful jumping off point for any surrogates finding themselves needing to get some answers from their IP(s) regarding birth, hospital, and postpartum care.

Questions for IP’s regarding

Birth, Hospital, and Postpartum

  1. When will you (IP’s) be arriving to the area?

    Beginning of December. IM will arrive first, IP will arrive later.
    They will bring baby home together

  2. Would you like to attend some prenatal appointments? They are currently scheduled out through the estimated due date.

    Yes, IM would like to attend some December appointments. Please email with all December appointment information.

  3. Do you want me to receive a fresh TDAP vaccination?


  4. Will you be present for the delivery if possible? At the hospital or in the room?

    At the hospital, we will wait outside the room. We will come in after you and baby are ready.

  5. Would you like me to wechat you a message when I go into labor? Or how would you like to be notified?

    Tell the agency and they will alert IP’s.

  6. What is the plan if baby boy is born before IP’s are able to arrive?

    Hoping for a full term delivery but if baby arrives early the agency will help out and IP’s will arrive ASAP.

  7. Would you like to have birth photography?

    They are OK with pictures but prefer no blood or private body parts.

  8. As soon as baby is born do you want him on my chest until placenta is birthed? Or with the nurses?

    Ok with either, it is up to me and my strength level.

  9. If you are at the hospital would you like to cut the umbilical cord? Or do you not have a preference on who cuts it?

    Anybody can cut it. We will wait for baby to be all cleaned up.

  10. Do you want baby to receive vitamin K shot and eye drops after delivery? (On birth plan)


  11. Do you want baby to nurse?


  12. Would you like me to pump for baby?


  13. Do you have any birth/postpartum wishes?


  14. I would like to email my birth plan to the agency for you. I would like to have you sign off on my birth plan so that the doctor and hospital know we have discussed it (can be digital).

    Email it to coordinator


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