Smuggling a Bowling Ball at 33 weeks


Life remains to be very active. I had another prenatal appointment this week but at the last moment had to switch to see the Nurse Practitioner because Dr. Langley had to run over to Labor & Delivery. I’m always happy to accommodate those changes though because I hope that I will be on the receiving end of one such run across the parking lot in the near future.

The appointment went well, my weight went down a tiny bit so my overall total gained at 33 weeks is 17 pounds from day of transfer (woot!). Surro baby boy’s heat beat was good and strong galloping away on the Doppler. He is still measuring about three weeks ahead on the fundal measurement but since I had a good growth ultrasound so recently they aren’t sending me back. The next appointment is in two weeks then after that I increase frequency up to weekly appointments until delivery.

I’ve been working on questions for the big meeting but did find out from the IP’s that they plan to arrive at the beginning of December. We are all very excited to see each other in person and even more excited to officially meet surro baby boy. Another big task I started working on is my birth plan. This is a little different than previous birth plans I have written as my decisions are solely for my body, not the baby once he is born. I keep having to remind myself that and eliminating points from the document. It is a little surreal thought that we’ve reached the point that I am working on things like a birth plan and making delivery and postpartum care arrangements. The pregnancy seems to have flown by! Hopefully the final weeks of pregnancy will continue to fly at such a supersonic pace.


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