8 Months




This past Wednesday marked 32 weeks which means about two months left before surro baby boy goes from my foster womb to his parents’ arms. I continue to wonder just how big I will end up getting but am thankful for a clean bill of health and an active baby. The last prenatal appointment (and all future prenatal appointments) was with my actual OB. What a dream! He is amazing, attentive, remembered me, and cared to sit and talk with me without any pressure. That was the experience I remembered and was so looking forward to receiving. It would be wonderful if he finally gets to be my delivering doctor but it all depends on what happens. My labor track record is a speedy delivery so the reality is more one of whoever can run to the foot of the bed the fastest.

The IP’s are getting really excited and love hearing little updates from me about his activity level and reaction to music. I was able to get a video of baby boy having a party and moving my belly all over the place. They loved it!

There was a little bit of a shift at my agency because my coordinator is now on maternity leave which means I now have a new coordinator. One of the things that has been really forefront on my mind is setting up a meeting with the IP’s, coordinators, and a translator to discuss the end. Some of the things I will be asking about include:
* When will the IP’s be arriving to the area?
* Do they want me to receive a fresh TDAP vaccination?
* Will they be present for the delivery if possible?
* Would they like to have birth photography?
* Do they have any birth/postpartum wishes?
* Would they like me to pump for them?

I have several other questions as well but those are some of the big ones. My new coordinator will be contacting the IP’s about setting up an appointment next week. Hopefully we are able to get something on the books soon as this is something I have been wanting to do for quite some time.


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