We made it!


Design and Embroidery by The Freckled Clover (Target maternity t-shirt)


Minimally packing for a family of four to be gone for nearly four months was quite the challenge. In hindsight I could have gone lighter on the kids activities and simply purchased them upon our arrival. That would have kept their backpacks quite a bit more manageable for their little bodies to carry through the airport instead of adding on to mama and daddy’s already pack mule loads. As it was when we did have them wear their backpacks to board the plane it made them waddle, swerve, and stumble like miniature drunken sailors. I also think we were at the tail end of my physical ability to fly comfortably. It was a huge blessing to have a direct flight because that cut down the amount of time in a tiny airplane seat with no leg room. Even with minimal swelling at this point in my pregnancy I had to keep moving my legs around to help with blood flow. The tray couldn’t come all the way down either with my belly in the way so I rested it on my bump (picture below) to have my drinks more accessible.

20150910_163949[1] 20150911_060056[1]20150911_112414[1] 20150911_112305[1]

There were a few obstacles along the way which made me all the more thankful to have the travels behind us. We made an immediate pit stop at a favorite Asian bakery in Irvine called 85 C Bakery. I may have mentioned it in my post about the embryo transfer trip. They have so many delicious creations from sweet to savory and wonderful drinks too. My husband teased me about the number of baked goods I piled on to our tray but I was just too excited! He did receive a pregnant mama don’t you dare touch my food look though. 🙂


I am thankful that we are in California, almost to the third trimester, and starting to achieve milestones in this journey that have seemed so far off on the horizon for the past year. Next big item on my list is to set up a meeting to discuss plans and preferences for the delivery and postpartum. The questions to be covered in that meeting have been on my mind from the very beginning but I have understood that the IP’s may have been nervous to count the chickens before they had hatched so to speak.


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