24 -25 Weeks: We have reached fetal viability



We have reached the stage of fetal viability. Not that I want this surro boy to come anytime soon there is a sense of comfort knowing that such a big milestone has been reached. Surro boy is, as his parents say “naughty” and keeps me awake with lots of acrobatic skills. If I lay against my husband he can feel some of the craziness and is always surprised with the intensity of some of the kicks and punches.

The past two weeks have been a flurry of activity preparing the house, logistics, researching minimal packing for a long trip, additional legal paperwork, and sending our preschooler back to school for a few weeks. Phew! Can you feel the tired? As a result several people have seen my brain sputtering along and petering out mid-sentence. It would be like having a conversation with C-3PO only to have his system shut off before the climax of his statement. Thankfully though we should have a little relaxing squeezed into the three day Labor Day weekend to attempt to fill the energy tanks a little before the final surge of tasks leading up to our flight departure.

Our girls are very excited about the airplane and ask regularly if we get to go today or they try to sneak their rolling luggage out of my office to go wheel it around the house. Hopefully the excitement will help for a smooth travel for the entire family. 😉

Surro baby boy is very active. The more fun things he does the more often I send messages to his parents to fill them in on the excitement. I’ve come to find out that he responds to music almost every time. Especially if there is a strong rhythm. The IP’s loved hearing this saying that listening to music can edify and relaxes the body and promotes health. Music has always been a very big part of my life, from classical to metal, and I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

I have to waddle run off to the next task but expect to be making a mobile post late next week. Thank you for following my journey so far and continuing to stick around for the crazy ride.


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