TX to CA, What’s up with that?

You may have noticed the mention of me seeing an OB in California starting in September. But I’m in Texas, why California? My international IP’s actually requested all the way back when we had our first interview in July 2014, whether or not my family would be willing to relocate to California for the third trimester, delivery, and a few weeks postpartum. After some brief conversation with my husband we agreed that we would be willing to do that. We are from the area and my husband’s company is there as well as the majority of my family (parents and siblings) and our friends. So it was actually a mutually ideal arrangement.

This past week we nailed down our temporary living situation with the help of HomeAway.com. I’m greatly relieved because that was stressful and difficult to find something that met our needs, especially as our time window was shrinking. Next logistics to cover will be to receive flight and car rental information from my coordinator at the agency. Meanwhile I am making smoke while writing lists for everything; to-dos and packing and dogs and home preparations for those watching over it. Needless to say the next three (ah?!) weeks will be pretty busy and highly productive. Updates going forward will be rolled into my weekly posts but I thought it would be better to have the initial post separate.


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