Still Here!

Apparently my second trimester energy boost came just in time for life to get really really busy! For the most part there has been smooth sailings over the past month (I can’t believe it has been a Month since I last posted!!). I’ve had a couple of concerns though and as a result have been put on light activity indefinitely. That order came just two days before I was going to kick off attending a new work out class. Oh well, between chasing my two young kiddos and regular visits to the pool I am remaining active enough. And from my point of view I’d much rather air on the side of caution especially since I am carrying for another family. They trusted me with their most precious cargo and I don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Food: I’ve been craving terrible ballpark style nachos but have only indulged once because we haven’t been attending any baseball games lately and most places that offer nachos are fancier combinations. Fruit, veggies, and soup (several types) have been at the top of my intake list along with water, lots and lots of water. I eat when I’m hungry which hasn’t exactly been consistent. Sometimes I wake up ready to eat like an animal, others I am not in any hurry.

Baby: Little surro baby boy is starting to make his active self more and more known to me. Earlier this week he woke me in the middle of the night was a serious dance session. The IP’s loved hearing the news! They’ve also sent me some voice recordings for me to play to baby, which I love. I’ll be asking for more recordings eventually but there isn’t any harm in replaying the ones I have.

Body: Expanding! I joked with my husband that he’d have to help keep an eye on my clothes because I can’t see my belly button when standing straight up. If my klutzy self gets anything between just above my belly button and upper thighs I won’t have a clue. Ha!

The next doctor’s appointments are just a week and a half away. That will be the 20 week anatomy ultrasound and prenatal. It is also the half way milestone and I should be in contact with my coordinator to start arranging some big plans for the third trimester. It seems like this pregnancy is flying by!

Below are belly pictures from week 15 – 18: