12 weeks


I officially look pregnant most of the time.

12 Weeks and the size of a Plum

  • Most of his critical systems are fully formed!
  • He’s about to enter the growth and maturation stage, in which his organs and tissues will grow and develop rapidly.
  • He’s now developing his reflexes — if you poke his body, he’ll likely move.
  • He’s opening and closing his fingers and curling his toes, too.
  • His brain is developing fast!

Pregnancy Symptoms at 12 Weeks

  • Your hormones should calm down a bit — if not now, soon. That means less nausea and fatigue (yay!).
  • More vaginal discharge, to protect your, um, lady parts from infection.
  • A noticeably bigger belly. Do you look pregnant now?
  • Headaches and dizziness may start to intensify around this time, which could be caused by hormones, vision changes, drops in blood sugar, dehydration or stress.



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