First OB/GYN appointment as a pregnant surrogate

Nerves started to hit as I got closer to my OB’s office. Not sure why, I know the routine, this isn’t my first rodeo. But the added new territory of Surrogate left me unsure of what to expect. I’m a planner, big time, and facing unknown is both exhilarating and unnerving at the same time. My first hiccup was while I was sitting in the waiting area with a clipboard full of paperwork. Questions about my partner’s health and mine which I’ve answered several times before were suddenly not applicable. I wasn’t sure what to do so I answered the two out of 17 questions that applied to my situation and left the rest blank while writing “Gestational Surrogate” at the bottom of the page. Hopefully that would do the trick.

Then it was time for the dreaded scale and blood pressure cuff. I’ve always had to tell myself to remain calm while the cuff is on because I tend to focus on it causing my blood pressure to rise, not the effect you are hoping for. There were some chuckles about how to fill out the rest of the paperwork and the nurse said I did the right thing with the questions. The standard question of “when was the first date of your last menstrual period” made me chuckle again and I said oh you don’t need all off that, I know the exact dates, this was an IVF transfer gestational surrogacy. Oh, OK then. I was able to spout off dates and stages with medical certainty that I’ve never had in my previous pregnancies. There were a few more chuckles along the way but the nurses were both wonderful and gave me sweet words of praise and encouragement.

My physical exam with the OB was filled with chatter and questions about my surrogacy and what all to expect of my few visits. Medications were discussed and general timing of tests. There was also some question as to whether or not I should register with the hospital since I will be going to California for the third trimester and delivery. I might end up doing it as a better safe than sorry policy against any possible future emergency.

My appointment ended with a blood draw and I was finally on my way after a nearly 2 hours filled with confusion induces laughter. I’m thankful for a good medical staff to watch over me and surro baby for the next few months.


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