10 Weeks and Last Monitoring Appointment


In the image above: head is toward the left, arm in the middle, and legs on the right.

10 weeks + 2 days ultrasound showed a healthy and growing right on track surro baby with a heart rate of 174 beats per minute. As Dr. Propst said, everything looks wonderful! Today was also my last appointment at Texas Fertility Center as my outside monitoring facility. It was a little bittersweet for me because I have really enjoyed TFC and Dr. Propst. He took an interest in my case and made it a point to get me on his schedule each week. Overall a wonderful facility and staff, couldn’t recommend them higher to anyone in the central Texas area in need of fertility assistance.

I received the official email today from a wonderful nurse at Life IVF Center that said I am Done With Medication and graduated to my OB/GYN for regular prenatal appointments. I repeat, put down the needles! There should be a little celebration but I’m too tired, ha. This evening I also received a phone call from Dr. Yelian from Life IVF to congratulate me on the major milestones, personally check on how I was feeling, and see if I had any questions for him. The personal touch really speaks volumes to me. Today was a very good day (medically).

10 Weeks:
Crown to Rump Length (CRL) 32.7 mm / 1.29 inches
Gestational Sac (GS) 42×32 mm

This week several sites had three different fruits to compare to for the baby size, a fig, prune, and kumquat. Since kumquat was the easiest one for me to draw that is the one I am going with this week. Not the most scientific approach by any means but it worked for me. His body length will almost double in the next three weeks.

  • Baby has working arm joints, and his cartilage and bones are forming.
  • His vital organs are fully developed and they’re starting to function.
  • His fingernails and hair are starting to appear, too.
  • Plus, he’s swallowing and kicking in there. (I got to see the kicking during last week’s ultrasound)

Pregnancy Symptoms

    • You may have aches and pains in your abdomen, as baby’s putting a pressure on your organs, veins, muscles and ligaments.
    • You’re probably still feeling nauseated and emotional. (thankful for Diclegis!)
    • Tired! Not only is your body working really hard to grow baby, but your sleep might be distrupted by some pretty weird dreams. (SO TRUE! I didn’t remember to crazy dreams starting so early. My husband gets a kick out of hearing them)
    • An increase in vaginal discharge (ew!)
    • Bigger belly and boobs — this is around the time you probably can start to see some real changes in your body. (See pictures below. I can definitely feel the difference and am starting to hunt down some stretchy pants.)
    • Visible veins — those blue streaks are carrying a ton of extra blood to baby. (It looks like I have super veins!)


Left to right: Before transfer, 8 weeks, and 10 weeks



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