9 Weeks and Ultrasound Appointment


In the image above: head is toward the left, legs kicking on the right.

9 weeks + 2 days ultrasound showed a kicking and wiggling healthy little boy with a very active heart beat of 180 beats per minute. The umbilical cord was also very clear in the ultrasound images which was a beautiful site. As always I took video of the monitor and the above picture of surro baby boy and messaged them straight to the parents after the appointment was done. Their happiness with each positive report is infectious! So wonderful. 🙂

I received an updated treatment schedule for the week from Life IVF and learned that there will be one more monitoring appointment at Texas Fertility Center with Dr. Anthony Propst. I am also in the process of trying to confirm my medication schedule for the next week. It was originally communicated to me that all medication would be done as of 10 weeks gestation but my last email also said to not stop on my own before my last appointment. There is a little contradiction there as I will be 10 weeks on Wednesday but my last appointment will be Friday. Hopefully I will get their response soon because I only have medication in stock through Wednesday.

9 Weeks:
Crown to Rump Length (CRL) 23.3 mm / 0.92 inches
Gestational Sac (GS) 34×34 mm

Baby is the size of a grape or green olive and approximately .9 inches long and weighing 0.07 ounces. This week marks a significant milestone. He’s no longer an embryo. He’s a fetus! More distinct facial features are developing and he might now have a strong enough heartbeat to be picked up by a fetal doppler. This also marks the third month, only one more month of the first trimester. The unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy should be starting to level off soon. My growing bump will also start to look more like a baby bump instead of a big meal in the weeks to come.



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