8 weeks


8 weeks pregnant today and I’m having a hard time imagining ever going this far or further without knowing I was pregnant. It’s pretty hard to ignore. Hormones are amazing and baffling things but I also feel like they’re pranksters keeping you on your toes. What will sound good today? Will I be nauseous? Will little things cause me to be irritable? Who knows, is the honest answer.

Physically I’m feeling fluffy through the belly area even though I’m still down 3 pounds from my transfer weight. The fluff has led to my starting to dig out a couple of stretchy maternity shorts and comfy maxi skirts. I’m not quite to maternity clothes yet but the waist line in my normal clothes when I sit are uncomfortable. I’ve jokingly said I wish pregnancy could just poof into a bump and skip the fluffy stage so it’s at least a little obvious that I’m pregnant. Soon enough surro baby boy will make his presence known to all passersby.

Being 8 weeks also means I can start my two week count down to no more injections and graduating from reproductive endocrinologist (RE) monitoring. Woo! My back side will be thrilled and my lovely husband will be happy to put the needles down too.



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