Heart Beat Confirmation (7 weeks + 2 days)


Friday morning has turned into my weekly routine of blood work and a drive to Texas Fertility Center for an ultrasound. This last Friday I was 7 weeks and 2 days. Baby boy was measuring right on track and we were able to officially record his heart beat! I recorded the ultrasound monitor with my cell phone and messaged the video to the IP’s as soon as the appointment was over. They were over the moon! It was so sweet to get their words of thanks and excitement. That is what I look forward to the most is their reactions to seeing their baby or getting an update. How amazing is it that I can post a video from my cell phone into an international group chat that instantly uploads for them to see on the other side of the world? I just love it!

One thing that I did ask the Doctor at the appointment was to look to see if I/we have been doing my PIO injection in the right areas because I was worried about fluctuating P4 levels. He said that we were in the right area but if it would be easier for me I could use the thigh, but also not to be too worried about levels because my body is creating progesterone at the same time. The doctors at Texas Fertility Center have all been amazing, and I think I’ve seen all except one. I would highly recommend them to anybody requiring fertility assistance in the central Texas area.

This week’s post was a little delayed because my partner in crime (aka husband) was out of town on business which meant as soon as my girls were in bed I was very soon to follow. Thankfully there was a day time nap today for the first time in over a week and I am feeling alert and up to the task of doing a little writing. My track record definitely includes extreme fatigue in the first trimester but thankfully I can look forward to an energy boost once that second trimester starts to settle in. Only 5-7 weeks until second trimester energy boost. Commence count down, Ha! No, but the energy boost will be greatly appreciated when it does roll around.

7 Weeks
Baby is the size of a Blueberry, 10.3 mm/ .41 inch
I have had more bouts of nausea that have led to a few reluctantly skipped meals. The doctor recommended that if it keeps up to request some anti nausea medication so that it doesn’t interfere with nutrition. And as aforementioned, fatigue.

Now to finish lapping up my little hot fudge sundae!


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