6 Weeks + 2 Days Ultrasound


Today I discovered that I’ve been off by 1 day when counting the weeks pregnant. Apparently “my day” is Wednesday, not Tuesday. This means the ultrasound is for 6 weeks and 2 days.  Everything is still so small that it is difficult to see details. The gestational sac doubled in size since last Friday. And we did get to see a little flutter but the heart rate monitor inside the ultrasound couldn’t record the tiny little heart beat just yet. The doctor said there should be a clearer image next week.

Isn’t it amazing to think that a heart beat can be seen at so early a stage? With my two previous pregnancies the earliest image I had was almost 9 weeks. I’ve never experienced visual and numeric proof so early on.  Watching the big amazing changes happen each week are simply awe inspiring.

Food wise, just about anything with curry sounds very appealing. Unfortunately for me the closest good Indian and Thai food is about 30 minutes away. I have considered making the drive for 3 – 4 entrées to go so I can refrigerate them and spread out the delicious enjoyment over a few days. The more I think about, the closer it becomes to being a reality.


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