5 1/2 Week Ultrasound

This morning was another check on P4 levels then the first prenatal ultrasound. I was able to take video of the monitor during the ultrasound and sent it to the IP’s immediately after the appointment. The level excitement and appreciation to be able to experience the ultrasound first hand was so precious. There were a lot of rose, smile face, and heart emoticons.

Below is a picture of the first ultrasound. The black oval in the middle of the uterus is the gestational sac measuring at 7×6 mm. At this stage things are too small to pick up any greater detail until the next weeks.

5 1/2 Weeks Gestational Sac

5 1/2 Weeks Gestational Sac

I will be having weekly appointments of blood draw and ultrasound until I graduate to my OB/GYN around 10 weeks pregnant. Which means every Friday there will be a visual update on the little surro baby.


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