Second Beta hCG

This morning was my second blood draw for Beta hCG. The results show a strong increase to 273 mIU/ml! That means the hCG levels increased 162 mIU/ml in two days. The IP’s are thrilled and keep reminding me to get plenty of rest. It is so precious to share their excitement with each good update.

Along with my hCG results I also received my treatment plan through 10 weeks gestation. This means I will continue the PIO intramuscular injections along with Endometrin and Estrace on a daily basis until 10 weeks or my doctor says otherwise.

Speaking of visual, I took a First Response hpt today to surprise the IP’s with a clear visual to accompany the numbers.
Those are some solid lines!



The next appointment will be next Friday for my first prenatal ultrasound and a follow-up blood work to check P4 (Progesterone) levels. Hopefully I’ll have a little image to share. The image will mostly likely just show the yolk sac at that stage of development. But how exciting to get the first official visual of their little one growing away in my foster womb.


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