Natural Cycle IVF

Natural Cycle IVF

Natural Cycle IVF (NC-IVF) is a new option of IVF treatment. Also called drug-free IVF, NC-IVF requires no fertility medication at all and thus avoids the drugs that would otherwise stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple follicles.
During the treatment, we follow the development of a naturally selected follicle and perform egg retrieval prior to its ovulation. It is commonly agreed that a naturally selected egg is of the best quality, and thus has the most potential to become a healthy baby.

Women who choose NC-IVF favor its holistic approach that mirrors that of natural conception. It is ideal for women who live a drug-free lifestyle, but still suitable for women who are less likely to produce multiple eggs even if high doses of fertility medication are used.

The above is from the website for Life IVF Center in Irvine, California where my IVF doctor is and where my transfer took place. Even though that says Natural Cycle IVF (NC-IVF) is a newer IVF treatment option, it is actually how IVF began before the field of fertility medicine began incorporating the use of fertility drugs to promote greater production of eggs during one cycle. The first human to have been born after conception by NC-IVF was Louise Joy Brown (born 25 July 1978). So after all of these year the fertility medical field is starting to come full circle and very slowly embrace NC-IVF again.

There are several doctors and clinics that are not on board with NC-IVF yet because there is only one embryo at a time to work with. It has the potential to significantly slow the process and bring down the success rate if the first transfer is not successful. That also means the mother or egg donor could have to go through multiple egg retrievals, which is an uncomfortable procedure.

My experience as a carrier thus far with a NC-IVF has been a fairly pleasant one because I was able to refrain from injections until the day of transfer. All prescription hormones leading up to that point were oral or vaginal suppository. Granted, the injections I am receiving now are intramuscular but it is a common IVF injection of Progesterone in Oil (PIO).

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