Stay the Course

ELSIA-Home Pregnancy Test


In the IVF/Surrogacy world, the wait between transfer and the first beta test is hard. You start to read into possible symptoms; I’ve been dead tired, smell aversions, and cravings. The pressure to take every brand of home pregnancy test (HPT) that you can get your paws on at your local Target/Drug Store/Grocery Store is intense. Not only is there pressure from your own curiosity but also from the inquisitive minds of your support system and support group that you may be in. I, on the other hand, am going to “stay the course” and wait for the first beta results. If that is when the IP’s will find out, I think it only fair for me to wait until then to find out as well. After all, this is their child that my womb is *hopefully* going to foster and nourish and grow into a healthy bouncing baby boy. So, until Wednesday, we must all wait.




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