The Big Day

The Big Day ~ Transfer Day

Big day indeed. My day started early and on very little sleep. We, my cousin and I, were to be at Life IVF Center by 9am for one last blood draw to check my P4 (progesterone) levels.

After my blood draw we hunted down a local bakery. It ended up being the most amazing experience! The place we stumbled upon is called 85C Bakery Cafe and it is an Asian bakery full of flavor combinations that I never would have thought up but that will be filling my dreams with delicious cravings. Two of my favorites were a savory combination called Potato Cheese, A puff pastry with potato and cheese filling, topped with cheddar and mozzarella cheese. The other was a sweet combination called Milk Pudding, A traditional Japanese style soft bread with vanilla custard inside. The savory tasted like Thanksgiving and the sweet tasted like a Hawaiian roll with vanilla custard inside, AMAZING!!! Like I said, flavors will be filling my dreams.

We had to return to the clinic by 11 am to check in for the transfer appointment. There was a minor snafu with how far my cousin would be able to accompany me but we were able to work it out and I got to have her by my side for a large amount of the time. I was called back shortly after that and was asked to change out of my shoes into some slippers before being directed to a changing room to put on a gown and a scrub hair net cap, but I was able to keep my shirt and bra on under the gown. My cousin went straight to my holding area to wait for me. We waited in a curtained-in space with an electric reclining chair with foot stool and a guest chair in a dimly lit area with spa music that sounded as though it was off in the distance. It did the trick to relax me! I nearly dozed off a few times. There were a few remaining pieces of paperwork requiring my signature and I had to confirm my identity verbally several times through out the entire process.

Finally, shortly after noon I was called out of my holding area where I had to leave my cousin. At the entrance to the transfer space I changed my shoes again into a pair of slippers with shoe covers on them and put on a face mask. I was then ushered into a large sterile room that vaguely reminded me of a delivery room with a medical exam bed in the middle of monitors and spotlights. I spelled my names out loud, confirmed date of birth, confirmed that I would be receiving one boy embryo, and confirmed my name on the large TV monitor that was displaying the contents under the microscope. On the TV monitor I then saw the tiny little blastocyst (5 day embryo) and it was so special for me to be seeing it without extreme magnification. It just amazed me in an awe inspiring way to think that something that tiny (see size reference in gallery) could grow to an infant in 9 short months. I was cleaned up and prepared to receive the embryo. One last ultrasound to check my uterus and the uterine lining was conducted before one more cleaning. Then a catheter was inserted into my uterus through the cervix and the ultrasound wand was close to follow in order to guide the placement of the catheter. They placed the embryo into my uterus and before I knew it I was sitting up. So much build up for ultimately a very quick procedure.

I was gently walked back to my little holding area with a nurse holding the back of my hips until I got in the chair and was cozied up with a down comforter to rest for about 15 minutes. After receiving my after care instructions, getting dressed, and my next two lab orders it was time to leave. What, already? Wow, that was a quick finish indeed.

The first Beta blood test will be on April 8th, 9 days post transfer. I haven’t decided yet if I will be one of the many impatient recipients of a transfer that get POAS happy with home pregnancy tests (HPT) or if I will remain patient and wait for the blood results. As of now I am hoping to hold out for blood. We’ll see how that goes.

20150330_111223 20150330_111320 20150330_124138 20150330_124145


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