Intramuscular Injections

In the middle of my time in the holding area, one of the Life IVF nurses emailed me my P4 results and a new treatment plan. The treatment plan has me beginning intramuscular injections daily until further notice. There will be additional P4 level blood tests to determine when I should stop the injections. The next blood draw will be on April 2nd.

Test Results

Below is the result from your appt today:

Hormone Levels:

P4: 18.49

Ultrasound Results:

Endometrial Lining: 12.2 mm

Doctor’s recommended plan is as follows:

1) Discontinue Oral Progesterone.

2) Continue Estrace 2mg, 2 tablets by mouth-twice a day daily.

3) Continue Endometrin 100mg, 1 vaginal supp-three times a day daily.

4) Start Progesterone in oil injection of 1ml- intramusculary once daily, starting 3/30 and continue. Please inject the first dosage asap!

5) Okay to proceed with embryo transfer as scheduled.

As I didn’t have Progesterone in oil in my arsenal of medicine nor did I bring any needles or syringes, the nurses at Life IVF sent me home with the vial along and just enough supplies for 2 days of injections. My cousin and I watched a couple of wonderful YouTube videos (links below) before she administered my injections on both days. She was a champ! I, on the other hand, was a little freaked out by the straw like gauge on the needle. Once I had myself all worked up that I was near an anxiety attack it made the actual inject seem like a walk in the park! Hopefully they remain park status until I am done with them and my upper buttocks don’t end up looking and feeling like a battered and bruised pin cushion.


IVF Medication Injections – Progesterone in Oil

IVF Medication Injections – Intramu scular Injection


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