Travel Companion

Part of the requirements for the transfer trip is that I have a companion during my trip, not necessarily flying with me though. Just someone to ensure I am taken care of. At first this requirement was a little tricky logistically for me because the majority of people I know are parents of very young children or have jobs that require a two week notice for personal time off. After clarification that my companion can pretty much come from anywhere I thought to contact a sweet cousin of mine to check her availability and willingness to come on an all expenses paid whirlwind fast trip to Orange County, California. To my great relief she said Yes! Thankfully her job is flexible enough that she was able to request the days with such short notice. So, my darling cousin, Susanna, will be flying from Illinois to join me in southern California (hopefully, haven’t received travel plans yet) Sunday, only to turn around back home on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to a little visiting time with her but neither of us has much to go off of as to what we are to expect out of this trip. Only time will tell!

FIVE days until transfer!!!


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