We Have Scheduled Your Embryo Transfer

Today welcomed several wonderful emails and a phone call to confirm that an embryo transfer has been scheduled! My medications are going to kick up several notches between now and Monday (yes, THIS Monday), but thankfully none of them are injections. What a blessing!

All of my monitoring results are looking great. An optimal measurement of Endometrial Lining thickness for the implantation of a fertilized egg is greater than 7 mm and preferably greater than 8 mm. Mine is already sitting at 9.8 mm and will most likely increase further by the time transfer arrives. All of this is very encouraging indeed!

What’s next? Confirming my travel companion’s availability and travel arrangements booked for both of us by my agency. And of course, I will continue to eat healthy while taking my new regiment of medicine over the next several days.

Test Results

Below are the results from your CD13 appt:

Hormone Levels:

E2: 249

FSH: 6.8

LH: 18.7

P4: 0.5

Ultrasound Results:

Endometrial Lining: 9.8mm

Right Side Follicle: not visible

Left Side Follicle: not visible

Doctor’s recommended plan is as follows:

1) Continue Estrace 2mg, 2 tablets by mouth-twice a day daily.

2) Oral Progesterone 200mg, 1 tablet by mouth once daily at night time, starting 3/25 and continue.

3) Endometrin 100mg, 1 vaginal supp-twice a day on 3/25 then increase to 1 vaginal supp-three times a day on 3/26 and continue.

4) Please follow up on 3/28 to check your P4 level.

5) Lastly, we have scheduled your embryo transfer on 3/30 @ 11:30am. Please plan to arrive 30 mins prior to scheduled procedure time.

* Please skip the morning dosage of Endometrin on day of transfer, 3/30. Afterwards, you may continue as directed.

Find the funny in your life.

I was very tired this morning but having a little giggle before the Doctor came in helped perk me up significantly.


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