Up With The Sun – Poked and Prodded

One of the logistics I have to handle, especially at this stage in the surrogacy, is childcare and my husband’s schedule. For instance, this morning I had an 8:15 am appointment about 30 minutes from my home (without traffic) and also needed to get a blood draw done. Clinical Pathology Laboratories is the closest lab to my home that offers STAT/same day results. They are about 10 minutes away and open at 7:00 am Monday – Friday (closed weekends). On top of those appointments my husband had a meeting that was scheduled to start at 9:00 am. Cue the brain spinning in circles to figure out the best options. Oh the babysitter is on spring break! Somebody else had the same idea first, she’s not available. What about showing up to CPL when the doors open so that I could attempt to be home by 9:00 am? We have a winner!

As a result, this morning my day started before the sun. I walked into the lab at 7:01 am only to find there were already several people in the waiting room. After waiting for several minutes and trying to decide if I should just head on to my scheduled appointment, my name was called. It took a little explaining that my name isn’t actually Sarah Surrogate Baker and how to handle the test results, but I got to go straight back to the blood draw station. Thankfully I got a skilled phlebotomist that was very gentle. It really does make a world of difference! Then it was time to jet off to my monitoring appointment at TFC. I met another wonderful doctor today, Doctor Vaughn. The appointment went very well. Now to wait for the official report from my Life IVF Center Nurse. Getting closer every day!


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