Baseline Monitoring Appointment

This morning was my baseline monitoring appointment at Texas Fertility Center in central Austin. The staff was all very nice! I had to fill out some basic new patient paperwork before proceeding to an exam room. Upon entering the room the first thing I noticed was that the OB stirrups had fun socks on them. What a welcoming touch! After getting undressed from the waist down and covering up with my fancy giant paper napkin, the OB and RN came in. The OB administered a Transvaginal Ultrasound while reporting measurements out loud to the RN for recording. Some of the things that were measured and recorded were the size of my uterus, the uterine lining, number of follicles and size of follicles.¬†Everything looked right on track for CD2, “nice and quiet” and my uterine lining was a 4.8.

My next update should be a treatment plan from Life IVF Center in California (my primary IVF Doctor) so that I will know what to do with my box of medications. To poke, or not to poke: that is the question.20150315_102106 20150315_102158


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