My Uterus Decided To Join The Party

“The uterus is just going to do what the uterus wants to do.”

It’s almost like my uterus wanted to make a dramatic entrance into this cycle with all of the excitement and people waiting for me to send that big update email. Yesterday I was finally able to update my IVF team and agency coordinator that we had officially entered into the transfer cycle. Commence contact! There have been so many emails back and forth. We had to confirm if my lab was able to produce same day results. Which it wasn’t, of course! Then I had to locate another lab that could indeed produce same day results. After that series of emails and phone calls I had to run off to get the blood draw in time for the results to get to my main IVF Doctor in California stat. In the midst of the lab appointment I was also coordinating documents, emails, and phone calls to arrange my initial monitoring appointment at Texas Fertility Center between CD 2 – 4.

Phew! When it rains it sure does pour. Today was a busy day.

CD = Cycle Day (typically followed by what number day in the cycle)


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