Thankful For Gentle Phlebotomists

Blood draws (routine venipuncture) are a part of any pregnancy, but when you add in the surrogacy aspect that just ups the ante. I just had my first blood draw in several months and it was a rather pleasant experience. The entire appointment reminded me how big of a difference a gentle phlebotomist can make. It also helps take your mind off of the filling tube when you can pass those few minutes with pleasant conversation. I alarmed my poor phlebotomist when I snapped a picture of my arm in the tourniquet. “What are you doing?!” When I explained that I am in the process of becoming a surrogate and that I am documenting the process on a blog but thought it best to take the picture when there wasn’t a needle in my arm, she responded “oh… good idea.” That led to further conversation and as I left with my gauze bandaged arm I was wished “good luck with the surrogacy!”.


One thought on “Thankful For Gentle Phlebotomists

  1. The faster the needle goes in the less you feel it 🙂 and conversation is the best way to make your patient feel comfortable and take their minds off being jabbed with a sharp object! I love my job and everyone of my patients!


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