Read, and Re-Read Those Emails!

As I was reviewing some of my surro emails to make notes for new blog posts I realized an error on my part. In the excitement of reading that I had received legal clearance I misread a vital word, February. That important email was also informing me that the egg donor was going to have a retrieval around February. My excited brain read that the donor was going to have a retrieval around Friday. Big difference! This means that there are no embryos currently ready and waiting for my cycle to line up with a transfer date and that I am going to continue to wait until February at the earliest for a potential transfer date.

I’m a little disappointed. Disappointed with myself for being so convinced an egg extraction had already taken place and disappointed that this surro journey is continuing down a rather slow path. On the other hand, this will give me at least a month to continue with fitness to prepare my body physically for pregnancy. All things in due time.

Just keep waiting, waiting, waiting…


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