Legal Clearance

It’s official, I am locked in, I have received Legal Clearance! This long game of hurry up and wait is going to unfold into more action very soon. Cycles will be calculated, medicine will be received, and a transfer date will be scheduled. Hopefully the transfer date will be in January or February.

This is the point at which I am going to share openly with all of my friends and family about my surrogate journey. Until legal was finalized there was always a chance of the IP match falling apart for a myriad of reasons. Had the match fallen apart the process would have started over and every match is unique (fast or slow process). But here we are, officially moving forward, and I’m getting excited again!



Another waiting period is over! I received an email from my lawyer’s office this morning with a final copy of the legal doc attached for notary. We are on vacation which happened to be conveniently near the Carlsbad office of Extraordinary Conceptions. Within a few short hours of receiving the email, my husband and I were in the office to notarize the 38 page document and initial the bottom of every page. While we were in the office I received a little goody bag to prepare me for my first transfer appointment. The reusable bag included a cold drink tumbler, a t-shirt, pen, and “sticky dust”. I am looking forward to using them all soon!