Begin The Legal Process

Yesterday I received my initial draft of the legal document,¬†Gestational Parenting Agreement, from my lawyer. The document is 38 pages and I went through every single page on my own before having a lengthy conference call with my lawyer this morning. We went through every section and page together, I asked questions as I had them and he helped me formulate proposed revisions. I am going to email a few more clarifications to my lawyer this evening then it’s up to the IP’s to review everything with their lawyer.


Psychological Exam and Clearance

A large component in the Surrogacy journey is psychological. As a result, once you are medically cleared the next step is to be psychologically cleared. My experience was all virtual. I received an emailed link from a Psychologist to take an online test based on a MMPI and we scheduled a time for a phone interview. The most difficult questions for me to answer were the ones where I had to describe my character and personality. It is much easier for me to describe somebody else, or discuss the overall process at length, but turn the spotlight on me without preparation and it gets a little bumpy. Thankfully, all went well!

Psych Clearance, check!