Back Story

I’ve received a few curious questions since announcing that I intend to be a gestational surrogate. All valid questions about why I wanted to do this or how I came about getting started, nothing judgmental.  Let me answer the big ones now.

Why do you want to be a surrogate?

I have been blessed with smooth pregnancies and deliveries, two of my own so far. For the majority, I quite enjoy being pregnant as well. With that combination and my desire to help people is the driving force behind my desire to be a Surrogate. So many families have such a terrible time with infertility for a wide variety of reasons, I feel privileged to offer the gift of life. Their child(ren) and my body helping bring them into this world.

How did you become a surrogate?

A good friend of mine is an experienced surrogate and now works at an agency for egg donation and surrogacy. I had expressed my desire to be a surrogate when the timing was right for my family. She contacted me about setting up my profile and it could not have been better timing. Once my initial onslaught of paperwork was complete, my profile was put into the database for intended parents (IP’s) to review. This began the biggest waiting period. Soon I had almost forgotten about having submitted my profile. My husband and I started to discuss the timing of our own family planning and we decided to delay the surrogacy until after baby #3 had joined our family. A few short months later I received a notice that a couple had selected my profile and would like to meet me via Skype. My husband and I discussed our options and decided I would go ahead and meet the couple. They were lovely! I felt an instant connection and desire to assist in the growth of their family. Apparently the feelings were mutual because I received an email stating they enjoyed meeting me and would be honored if I would be their surrogate. Needless to say we have put #3 on hold indefinitely, if not permanently.

What will you tell your children?

Our children are young, nearly 1 1/2 and 3. The younger won’t understand what is going on. But we will tell the 3 year old that mommy is helping another family have a baby in my belly and that the baby will go with its mommy and daddy when (s)he is born.


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